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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 2:44 pm 
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Nice topic! Yes, CPR for traumatic arrest is practically hopeless. Not to say that some of the oldsters couldn't have the big one on the trail. Know if your friends carry nitro, and they should carry aspirin as well.

My first aid kit consists mostly of gauze wraps (Kelix 4" x 10 feet) for wrapping and splinting. Also a stretch bandage for the same purpose. I've used the stretch bandage a couple times on sprains and bruises. Wrapping a sprain RIGHT AWAY with an instant cold pack can prevent a lot of swelling. Carry a cold pack too. A few small bandages and 2" cloth tape added and you've got a great start. The 2" cloth medical tape is almost as strong as duct tape and I've used it more times to repair my ride than for first aid--it can temporarily hold a broken lever perch so you can make it back to camp!

Splints and supports can be fashioned from about anything--branches, tire irons, jackets and clothing, etc. I carry a 1" x 15' tubular webbing (nylon strap) for towing disabled vehicles. That can be used for a sling. Get creative.

Major trauma is another story. The most important thing is QUICK transport. Even if a person seems relatively okay, they could have an internal bleed and go down the drain suddenly and quickly! If someone hits their head they may talk normal, but you might realize they are confused, don't know simple things like what year it is or where they are. Don't assume they will shake it off, they could have a brain bleed and die. A hard fall can FRACTURE a kidney, spleen or liver and they can bleed internally and die. If they are having abdominal pain, look pale, rapid pulse, sweaty IT IS AN EMERGENCY!

With trauma, you have what is called the GOLDEN HOUR. Patients that reach the operating table within one hour have the best survival rate. To make that happen you need to carry a cell phone (even if you have to ride somewhere to get service) and know where you are at. At minimum, know the major landmarks and road access points. Many jurisdictions will dispatch a helicopter. If you can go to a high point and visualize the airship, you can give directions such as "3-o'clock off your bow about 3 miles" to lead them in.

GPS is better. Any airship will have GPS. You have to realize that GPS coordinates can be given as degrees/minutes/seconds (0° 0' 0"), or degrees/minutes (0° 0.000'), or just degrees (0.00000°). Know how to communicate this to the dispatcher and know how to switch your GPS unit to the other modes.

Also, picking out a close LZ (landing zone) that is flat, free of overhead hazards, FOD (foreign object debris) -- anything that can fly into the air with 100 mph rotor winds, etc. can really save time. Especially if you are able to move the patient to that area before the airship arrives. Don't risk the patient, though. Many airships are equipped with a winch and can do a pick-off if needed.

As an aside, my friend legally carries a weapon, but asks that I remove it from his person or hide it in the bushes for later in case of an accident. Sometimes we ride over the state line into California where the Constitutionality of his CCW permit is ignored.

Last consideration is how to retrieve your equipment. Most firefighters will be more than happy to ride your machine off the mountain for you! Wahoo!



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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 3:41 pm 
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I'm a firefighter also and we have stored atvs for a few injured riders on more than one occasion in the fire house. We have done several hour long searches for riders that could not tell us where they were and we unfortuately have had a firefighter injured on his atv while out looking for the lost/injured atv rider.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 9:48 pm 
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Good post RR and everyone. This is just my second post here since I am a noob here, but this thread captured my interest right off.

This topic is usually the last one people think about, basically becasue they don;t want to think about it. Someone early on in the thread asked if at least one person in their group should be trained in CPR.....everyone should be trained in CPR and Basic First aid, never place your hope in someone else knowing CPR or first aid, its easy to learn and there is no age limit.

I am 43 years old and was first trained in the two in 7th grade. I have been a first responder and have taken some rescue training as well, but all of my certifications have run out. I need to re-cert in CPR since things have changed up again, but I still know the basics and can do what it takes to administer first aid and CPR.

One thing I didn't see mentioned is a portable CB radio or HAM. I have a Cobra handheld CB that I can take anywhere and usually I can get a good enough signal to reach someone if my cell doesn't work, plus I can carry it with me if I need to get to an LZ and lead someone in or be near the patient...

One thing I picked up from Cabelas in addition to the basic first aid kit I have is a kit that consists of a water bottle with a complete survival kit inside. It has emergency blankets, whistle, compass, waterproof matches (i also have a magnesium fire kit) a knife, signal mirror, and a lot of other stuff.

Its very possible you could be somewhere where it take rescuers a long time to get to you and you need to be perpared to stay on the trail with your patient in the event they can't get to you quick...

PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:17 pm 
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WOW! To find this topic is.... well..... let me tell you a little story..... TRUE story.... This happened on March 13, 2008.... Here is what happened.... (copied from my blog)

You know, you see things like this on TV and read about them in the newspapers, but you don't expect to be an eye witness to an airplane crash! I'm still shaking. And it has been several hours now since it happened.
Jim, Pam, Terry, Grizz & myself were doing mostly trail riding and some clean up work down at WTOP (for those that don't know what that stands for it means, Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park).
Terry & Pam had just split off with us because they had to go home to get ready to attend a meeting of another ATV club, Mountain Trails. Grizz, Jim & myself were going to go by the water tower and make our way over to the other side to the Mud Bowl.
We saw this small airplane that was going really slow and low.... and I do mean LOW! It looked as if it was trying to land. I won't go in to details here but the next moment we saw it go down. We all knew it had crashed.
Jim and Grizz took off toward where they thought it had landed. I stopped for a second to call 911. I would say that the call came in no more than 30 seconds after the plane went down. Maybe that was what helped to save his life. I hope so.
There was one man in the plane. He was alive when I got there. I'm here to tell you I was scared to death. I couldn't bring myself to actually look to see him. I was afraid to look for what I might have seen.
In an attempt to make a long story short, I went down to the intersection of the road on 1344 to wait on the rescue people to get there and lead them to the crash site. I know one thing... Miss Kitty can run off and leave a fire truck sitting in my dust! I had to almost stop a time or two waiting on them to catch up. BUT then I guess driving what they were and hauling what they were that they can't keep up with something like an ATV.
By the time I got back up to the crash site, they had the gentleman out of the airplane. He was hurt, not sure how bad but at least he was alive. The fire truck/ems people called for an air rescue to come to the site. It took about 20 minutes for it to get there. The rescue squad had gotten there shortly after the fire trucks and attended to the mans injuries. They loaded him into the back of the ambulance and waited with him there till the air rescue arrived on site.
From what I was reading at the WYMT news site they took him to UT Knoxville Hospital. I wish that I had a way of knowing that he will be OK.
Before I go any further I have to mention that not only was it the three of us at the crash site, but Brandon & David were on the other side, near the Mud Bowl and came over too. All 4 of them pulled the man out of the plane. They arrived there while I was down waiting on the rescue squad. I'm still so shaky that I'm having a hard time remembering it all. Or should I say put everything in the order of events? Yeah that's it.
I'm going to try to call Knoxville tomorrow to see if I can get in touch with any of the mans family to make sure that he is OK. I pray that he will heal from his injuries and will be alright. It is so remote up there that if someone had not seen him go down I'm not sure how long it would have been before someone found him. And with him being in the shape that he was, I'm afraid to think of how he would have been if it had been a long time. I'm sure that he wouldn't be alive.
Well, that is what has happened in my part of the world on Thursday, March 13, 2008! Sure hope it does not happen again anytime soon!

NOW.............. Our club "Holler Crawlers Off-Road Club" has in it's members an RN that works at one of the local hospitals. WE are working with him to have several members taking a class to be certified in CPR and will do first aid too. I started carrying a fully stocked first aid bag last year. I've had to use it several times.... but never for anything as important as this! I've restocked what was used out of mine and have added a whole new kit... and bought one to have in my husbands bags too.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:09 pm 
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:00 pm 
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My wife RN ER, me RN CCU! We carry a big first aid kit, and were both ACLS certified she's taken Trauma Classes. Those that ride with us feel a little safer when were in the group! :grin:

PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:30 pm 
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i've read all of your posts and realized a couple things. first of all we are doing a sport that needs trained or experienced people with knowledge of healthcare riding with us. secondly atleast one person in the group should have a a first aid kit. third riders need to ride at their skill level and not above.

i am making a first aid/recovery bag to strap on my quad hint me in on anything else i might need.
gauze pads
medical tape
slings or triangle bandages
bottles of water
sterile gloves( preferibly nitrile due to latex allergies)
ice packs
cpr mask

hatchet(to cut down limbs to make a splint)
small 4'x8' tarp to use to carry person if needed
rope and webbing
gps locator

btw my name is tom i have 6 years in volunteer fire and rescue service and have been an EMT 3 years. i need to recert on my cpr and my ems cert is running out in july but i still have the knowledge. I would like to thank the person who started this thread because i personally never thought of having any medical supplies on the trails. its something that i think most of us overlook.

I am always looking for safe riding guys to ride with in Pa i am from the oxford area.

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