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PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:54 pm 
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I just bought a 2007 Honda 680 Rincon with 1100 miles on it. When I start the ATV everything sounds fine but when it warms up you can hear a ticking noise. It's coming from the area of the oil filter and exhaust. I don't think it's the exhaust shield loose or the injector making this ticking noise. Is this normal for the Honda or is there some kind of valve lash issue on these atvs?

Any advice? I did a search and did not see anything on it. Someone said it might have not been broken in right and could be the reason why. I figure if it was valve issues it would do it whether it was cold or warm.

Thanks in advance.



PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:47 am 
ATVing To The End
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Valves are supposed to be adjusted at 100 miles and checked every 600 miles after that. Perhaps the previous owner did not do it.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:31 am 
Still on the Trailer Member

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I have a 2006 Rincon with 1500 miles and there is no ticking noise. If the valves are off then the engine will run terrible, I never had mine adjusted at 100 miles, first time was 1200 miles. I asked the tech if they were bad and he said, NO I have seen a lot worse. Just not close to a dealer to be running back. I don't know you can say something was not broken in right, how would you know. Some think you need to follow a special procedure but that's more BS than fact. Basically you drive it easy for a certain period to keep heat at a minimum. Some start beating on it from the first minute but those are usually people who who never spent their money to buy it.

If you think its coming from the oil filter then maybe its oil related. Did you check the oil? Special procedure required. Start engine and let idle 3-5 min, turn off and wait 2-3 min and then check, If oil looks good and within the 2 marks (high mark best) then I would get a new oil filter and remove the cover and inspect it. fyi-If you check oil before this procedure you will think its way overfull. Maybe someone got the filter in wrong or lost some parts in the process. Again read the owners manual for more information. Its also possible they got the wrong oil in there but that's not likely to cause a ticking but who knows. Regular car oil is not the right oil. The Rincon has a wet clutch and shares the engine oil. Cars oils are formulated with friction modifiers (help mpg) and they will cause the clutch to slip.

Many ATV's are bought by people who never owned one before. They worked on their car so they think its the same. Often times they don't read the owners manual and don't know how to check the oil correctly etc.

I would eliminate these items first, change oil and filter. fyi-I use a Wix filter and the part number 24938 for the Rincon, the Wix comes with the 2 "O"" rings that may be needed, others don't not even the Honda part.

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